Avalon II Online Slot

Avalon Online Slot

Avalon II is the newest and hottest slot hitting the market! The game brings players back to the days of honest online casino and the Knights of the Round Table with a completely absorbing game that brings together incredible voice acting, beautiful scenery that is sketched perfectly and gaming options that make every adventure in the game as exciting and thrilling as possible.

The Wheel of Fortune, Excalibur and the Black Knight come into the game as part of a vast storyline that will keep the player in the game for quite a long time. Along with the traditional game play, the player can go for the Grail Bonus.

This quest is set up in eight steps that will allow for Excalibur to be reforged, the Black Knight to be defeated and the Wheel of Fortune to be spun and determine part of the fate of the player. Please visit casino online australia and make money online.

Arthurian Legend Never Dies

Avalon II is a continuation of its predecessor and allows for players to step from that game into this and see that the new game is even more beautiful and profound than its father.

Make your way through the Lake of Legend, Misty Vale, Whispering Woods, Forest Falls, Dusky Moors, Morgan’s Keep, Hall of Shadows and Isle of Avalon to complete the grail bonus. Enter the Whispering Woods or Forest Falls for more game longevity, and take advantage of the 5 x 3 reel online slot design to see how many of all the 243 ways to win you can play with this awesome online slot.

Every 12 to 18 minutes, you going to get a bonus hit to help you get even more out of the game to see how long you can make it and how much of the quest for Excalibur you can complete. With Avalon II, the player is sucked into a world that feels almost like a role-playing game that lets the player enjoy a new quest during every game and worlds and levels that are unmatched in the slots world. Dive into the World of Avalon II for fun, adventure and winnings.